2019 Goals - Production

This is the second in a series of posts talking about my art goals for 2019. Last week, we discussed Personal Development, but this week we’re talking about my Production goals. I often set goals for how much artwork I’d like to produce. Over the last two years, those numbers were a bit high because I was focusing on high volume production of smaller pieces. This year, those numbers are a bit lower and I’m focusing on some more specific goals.

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Large Paintings

Over the last year, I’ve had a desire to paint on a larger scale. I was so busy working on smaller pieces that I haven’t had time to try it out. This year, painting large is my main focus. I will still create some smaller paintings, but I want to focus more of my energy on larger work. My goal is to create six larger paintings before October.

Fall Exhibition

Along with my goal to create six large paintings before October, I want to take those paintings and properly show them. When planning out my year, I planned for downtime the last quarter of the year. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder every October, and it’s uneasonable for me to expect I can produce much of anything during that time. Showing my work has been a goal on my radar for a couple of years, but I specifically want to show my work in the Fall as a sort of celebratory way to end my art year.

Skillshare Classes

I started teaching on Skillshare several years ago. I saw the potential of Skillshare being a successful platform and wanted to jump on board early. However, I created one class and haven’t had a chance to create more. The desire was there, but filming an art class is tricky without great lighting, so I simply never got around to it. I’m honestly disappointed with myself for not producing all of the classes I planned out, but think I have value to offer the community and still want to do it. My goal for this year is to create TWO Skillshare classes. I know it isn’t much, but considering I haven’t produced a class in three years, I’d say it’s a big goal. :)

Rare Unicorn Artwork

A friend and I created an art collective one year ago. Our artists create work inspired by a new theme each month. Last year, there were a few months where I fell behind and didn’t finish the piece I started, so my goal this year is to complete all twelve themed paintings.

Want to join the fun? We invite everyone to participate via Instagram!