2019 Goals - Community

This is the last in a series of posts talking about my 2019 art goals. We’ve already talked about personal development, production, and business goals. This last post is all about community. Connecting to a creative community is important to me. I feel more inspired and fulfilled when I surround myself with other creative people. I also love having a personal relationship with my collectors. I put so much of my energy and heart into the artwork I create. My process is intimate, so having a connection with the person who collects my work is a beautiful thing.

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I’ve had a Patreon account for several years supporting artists I love, and launched my own membership about two years ago. I’ve had a few devoted members who I appreciate greatly, but my membership has been stagnant and I’d like to grow that community. Patreon is a wonderful opportunity to build a more connected community between artists and fans of their work. I have a lot of ideas I want to get my Patreon members involved with, but I can’t really execute them until I have more participation. In all honesty, this is probably the hardest of my goals to achieve. I’d like to reach my goal of 25 Patreon members before the end of the year. Considering I’ve had an average of 2-3 members over the last two years, that’s a pretty intimidating goal. If you have any ideas for how to grow my Patreon, I’m all ears. Drop me a line, anytime.


Instagram is the platform I use most often and it’s where I currently have the most interactive community. I love connecting with other artists and talking about our shared challenges and aspirations. I also love connecting with collectors and other art enthusiasts. Instagram has been a wonderful tool for building an online community, and I’d like to expand that community and continue nurturing those relationships. One of my goals is to reach the 1K follower milestone by the end of the year, but even if I don’t gain a single new follower, my engagement rate is far more important to me. The whole point of social media is to interact with people, so if I can do more of that, I’m happy. I haven’t monitored my engagement rate much in the past, so my goal for this year is to pay closer attention to that and to average a 20% engagement rate this year. I know a lot of people obsess over their Instagram numbers and it’s a pretty common topic for people who want to grow their following. I think fostering relationships is more important than numbers, but knowing your stats can be a useful tool. It gives you a good idea of how well you’re connecting with people, and I’d like to connect more.

Volunteering/Giving Back

Over the last few years, I’ve invested a lot of time in my personal artistic growth. It’s been a wonderful journey, but I want to take some of the lessons I’ve learned and use them to help others. I do this by offering free advice to anyone who asks on Instagram, and also through discussions with my art collective when we meet up once a month. I want to be more involved with my local community, so I’m looking for art-focused volunteer opportunities in Nashville. I already volunteer with a wonderful non-profit called Poverty and the Arts (Check them out. They’re amazing!), but if you’re a Nashville local please feel to reach out if you know of additional opportunities. My goal is to dedicate 25 hours this year to volunteering on special projects or with art-focused groups who do awesome work.


Collabs are a great opportunity to team up with another artist and create something unique and different than what you would create on your own. I love the challenge and beauty that comes with creative collaboration, and I’d really love to find a couple of opportunities for that this year. If you’re an artist interested in collaborating, let’s talk! I’m looking for both in-person Nashville based collaborations, as well as online opportunities via Instagram. They both offer their own unique set of challenges, and I’d love to find opportunities for both.

This wraps up my major art goals for 2019. Thank you for reading and for being here to support my creative endeavors. If you have opportunities to help me meet these goals, please feel to reach out anytime. I plan on doing a mid-year check-in with you guys in July to talk about the progress I’ve made and re-focus and modify my goals if necessary.

Have a great week!