“Retreat” was Rare Unicorn’s art theme for February. I love when we choose themes that have a lot of room for interpretation. It could mean going on a spa retreat, or running away from an enemy, or hiding from the world. I came up with a lot of ideas for this one, and went in a different direction than I initially thought I would. I ended up doing a loose, zen-like painting of a mask.

Chris (my s/o) and I started a collection of decorative masks several years ago. Well actually, it was Chris’s idea, but I’m into it. 😊 We only have a couple of masks because we’re taking our time curating unique masks that have special meaning to us. My favorite is the mask we purchased directly from the craftsman when we went to Chichen Itza. I was inspired by the variety of Mayan style masks I saw on that trip, and have since wanted to paint a collection of masks.

It’s been well over a year now, but I finally sat down and gave it a go. These masks are much less intricate than I initially planned, but I have been wanting to loosen up with my style, and I’m happy with how they turned out. The first was my official “Retreat” themed painting, interpreting the theme as hiding and retreating behind a mask. I had so much fun, that I painted two more and am hoping to expand this into a nice little collection.