The 100 Day Project

Exciting news! I’ve decided to participate in The 100 Day Project this year! This is my second attempt at doing a 100 Day Project, but I’m feeling much more confident this round will be successful. My first attempt was last Fall/Winter, and I started it just before coming down with the flu, followed by three months of off and on illness, holiday travels, and total exhaustion. I had to call it quits after only a dozen or so completed paintings and several half painted pieces.

This time, I’m joining the “official” 100 Day Project, so I’ll be participating along with a whole community of people who are also working on a project. I’m using this as an opportunity to challenge myself in some fun ways. Let’s talk details.

First of all, each painting is going to be 4x6 acrylic on paper. I’ve been loving the Arches oil paper lately, and want to create 100 pieces that are easy and affordable to ship. I’m including a complimentary 5x7 mat with each painting, so the collector can choose to frame it with or without a mat. As far as style goes, I’m shaking things up and experimenting with abstract expressionism during this project.

Abstract art has always baffled me. Over the last three or four years, I’ve made a conscious effort to try to better understand non-representational art and appreciate it. I’m challenging my own beliefs about what makes art “good” by removing the subject from my work and focusing on details such as composition, color, and texture. My goal is to explore a combination of intuitive painting along with some intentional decision making to refine each piece. I’ll be exploring some new techniques and expanding my color palette. Basically, I know which areas of my art practice could use some improvement, and this challenge is a great opportunity to explore some new ideas pressure-free.

Each of these 100 paintings will be listed for sale on my website, so be sure to check back each day for new work!